Las Vegas Street

Mahagany Franklin is a natural beauty born and raised in the local Las Vegas area. Just a regular girl with a plan to gain success in the modeling game.

Melanin is popping, keeping those edges laid, bust down lashes. Pretty in the face, thick in the waist and legs that go on for days.

If you not ready, get ready because Mahagany is ready to ripup the runways in the Las Vegas Street.

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Grownish and Gifted

On October 24, 2018, Mahagany turned 18 years of age and began to embark on her modeling career. This is one of the photoshoots taken by Alex Simon.

Mahagany is truly gifted with great genes. At a height of 5'9" and weight of nearly 200 pounds. Mahagany steals the attention in nearly every room she enters.

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